ere are just a few of the shining coins in the treasure trove of Small Business Magic:

• Four truths about quality
• Three myths about quality
• Five truths about business
• The three Major Principles of quality
• The four Applied Principles of quality
and twelve Quality Actions that are easy to do, with the logical reasons behind them.

Magic is nothing more than knowing how to dothings other people don’t. Most small business owners won’t read this book, and won’t learn what is in it. Those who do will have an incredible advantage over them in knowing how to survive and succeed. The knowledge you will gain will make what you accomplish look like magic. You, on the other hand, will think of it as just a normal and sensible way to run a business.

Small Business Magic is a “can’t lose” book. Dozens, if not hundreds, of the points it makes are each worth the price of the book by themselves.